Dead Simple HTTP Server On macOS Using launchd
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Dead Simple HTTP Server On macOS Using launchd

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of the Fossil and SQLite code bases. I’ve been very impressed by their cleanliness and the interesting ways in which they break from conventional wisdom in their construction. One thing I stumbled across while perusing a post on the Fossil mailing list was that inetd could be used to create a simple and efficient HTTP server with nothing but some basic C code. My interest was piqued and I began researching inetd on macOS. What I…

Misc Technical Tips

5 Readings From A Hidden History Of Software Engineering

(Image: Johann Georg Meyer “Das Lesende Mädchen”, 1871) Introduction There is a hidden history to software engineering that some have come to know, but of which most are sadly unaware. Instead, as happens so often in history, a vein of easily graspable but unworkable techniques and ideas has come to dominate the industry. These techniques are bundled with their own superficially plausible justifications and are parroted, easily enough, by amateurs to ensnare other amateurs. And so, we have a generation of…

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Software Process From First Principles

“New software processes do not just emerge out of thin air; they evolve in response to a palpable need” Software Architecture In Practice, Third Edition 1. Preliminary Throat Clearing Is there something wrong with the way we think about software process? Traditional software processes are often couched in dichotomies: heavy vs agile, bureaucratic vs lightweight, corporate-y vs start-up-y, oppressive vs liberating. Yet dichotomies have and always will obscure gradations of difference and damage our ability for nuanced thinking. Because there…

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Applying Thompson Sampling To The Interview Process

(Image by Macoto Murayama) NOTE: This post is not necessarily advocating for this approach. I think it’s an interesting idea so I’m putting it out there. This approach, as is, does not account for subjective biases, but it could provide the data to measure and compensate for them. One of the problems I’ve observed with interviews candidates across several companies is their informality. It often feels more like reading tea leaves than finding the best person. While many companies attempt to make this more rigorous, they…

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Skepticism and Discursive Machines

Skepticism emerges as a reaction wherever a certain, commonly held notion of truth begins to unravel. Operating with this notion of truth, we can try to slip out of the grasp of skepticism, but inevitably we trace the same maddening circle right back into its clutches. Can we model this worldview as a machine? Factual Discourse Machines The Classical Factual Discourse Machine We take as our starting point the most naive view of factual discourse possible. All factual discourse involves acts of demonstration. I present…

To work iron, a hammer is needed, and to have a hammer, it must be made. For this purpose there is need of an other hammer and other tools, and again to get these there is need of other tools, and so on to infinity. In this way one might try to prove, in vain, that men have no power to work iron. But the fact is that at first, with the tools they were born with, men succeeded, however laboriously and imperfectly, in making some very simple things; and when these were made they made other more complex things with less labour and greater perfection; and thus advancing gradually from the simplest works to the making of tools, and from tools to other works and other tools, they have reached a point where they can make very many complex things with little labour. In just the same way the intellect by its inborn power' makes intellectual tools for itself by which it acquires other powers for other intellectual works: and from these works still other tools - or capacity for further investigation - and thus makes steady progress until it reaches the summit of wisdom.
Spinoza - Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect

On The Gradual Nature Of Improvement

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Why You Shouldn’t Be A Dabbler

One of my favorite books of all time is “The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield. I’ve read or listened to this book, cover to cover, more times than I care to recount. Yet every time I come back to it something gets freshly reinvigorated within me. You see, what’s incredible about this book is how, in one brilliant maneuver, Steven simplifies the creative persons struggle by naming their primary enemy. He calls it resistance. Resistance is the union of all…