The SICP Picture Language In Racket
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The SICP Picture Language In Racket

Get to the picture language section of SICP and actually want to draw stuff? Find out how below. Some Background About a month ago I decided to start taking my programming more seriously. I realized that I had done very little recently to develop my craft, and so I set out to find some resources to whip my mind back into shape. Since it had been a while I decided it might be nice to start from the basics – even…

Technical Tips

Simple Git Alias To Push The Current Branch

Hey you! Tired of having type all this nonsense just to push up the current git branch?: $ git push origin my-super-long-branch-name Well fear not, just add this simple git alias to push the current branch: pu = !git branch | grep '^\\*' | cut -c3- | xargs git push origin And then just type: $ git pu EDIT: Little did I know there’s a much easier equivalent command $ git push origin HEAD