Skepticism and Discursive Machines
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Skepticism and Discursive Machines

Skepticism emerges as a reaction wherever a certain, commonly held notion of truth begins to unravel. Operating with this notion of truth, we can try to slip out of the grasp of skepticism, but inevitably we trace the same maddening circle right back into its clutches. Can we model this worldview as a machine? Factual Discourse Machines The Classical Factual Discourse Machine We take as our starting point the most naive view of factual discourse possible. All factual discourse involves acts of demonstration. I present…


Declaring My Intent

Eric is starting something new today. He’s starting a more professional blog. Wow…alright sick of the third person…let me switch to something more natural. So I’ve been toying with the idea of taking my blogging a bit more seriously. I’ve tarried at the edge of the deep, dark unknown without really diving in for long enough. So it’s time that I publicly declare my intent in the hopes that’ll actually force me to do this thing. This blog is going…