Let’s Write An Ethereum Virtual Machine Disassembler
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Let’s Write An Ethereum Virtual Machine Disassembler

In this article we’ll discuss writing a disassembler for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). While writing disassemblers doesn’t necessarily require much knowledge of the machine the instructions are for, it’s actually quite a fun way to get your feet wet. During this tutorial we’ll be using the D programming language. Why D? Honestly there’s no great reason. It’s mostly because¬†I think it’s clearer and simpler than the alternatives for this kind of low-level code. Let’s get started. Introduction When writing…

Ben Laposky, Oscilon
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Simple Software Verification, Part 3: Karnaugh Maps

(Image by Ben Laposky) [hamzh_toggle title=”Series Parts” state=”closed”] Part 1 – Execution Tables Part 2 – Trace Tables Part 3 – Karnaugh Maps [/hamzh_toggle] Welcome to the third and final article in this mini-series on software validation. In this article we’re going to discuss state machines, what desirable properties they should possess, and then I’ll demonstrate a simple tool for verifying them called Karnaugh Maps. Identifying State Machines As a general rule of thumb, you can identify a program that…